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Chrysanti Angge

"Sekar Kedaton"

Metal artistic art is still something new, and is yet to be as popular
as any other art. Many people view it as no more than a kind of
handicraft than an art.

But Indah Chrysanti Angge shook off this notion, showing that the
metal artistic art is a highly valuable kind of art. Art Gallery at
House of Sampoerna proudly displays her works at an exhibition
entitled ‘Sekar Kedaton’.

Sekar Kedaton, meaning The House of Flowers, features flowers that beautifies the spaces
of the art gallery that she has turned into a house. The house is full of flowers in their
different, unique shapes that promotes beauty and cheerfulness. Her meticulousness,
imagination and artistic skill transformed regular objects into functional, highly aesthetic
and artistic works of art.

This exhibition was held on 31 August 2007 – 30 September 2007

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