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Old Motorcycle

Jawa 250 - Pérák, 1946 Model two-stroke,
single cylinder, 248 cc

Made in the former Czechoslovakia, this motorcycle was a useful asset
of Sampoerna until 1970s. This motorcycle is still running; it was sent
for restoration in 2002, prior to becoming a collection of this museum.

The manufacturing company, Jawa, was founded in 1929 by a Czech
engineer named Frantisek Janeček. He purchased a license to produce
motorcycles from a German company named Wanderer and by joining
the initial letters of their names, Janeček and Wanderer, the new
company’s name Jawa came to life.

The variant name “Pérák” (or “Springer” in English) was given to this
product for its rear wheel suspension springs, an important breakthrough
at that time. This model won the Gold Medal at the Paris Motor Salon in 1946.

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