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1941 Packard 300 V8

8 cylinders, 3,500 cc (US Made), collection of Boedi Sampoerna

Liem Seeng Tee bought this limousine in 1941 for 8,000 Dutch Guilders.
At that time, it was one of only three such cars in Indonesia. The family
used this car until 1942. During the Japanese occupation, Liem Seeng
Tee was put in jail and his assets, including this car, were seized.

In 1976, Boedi Sampoerna, the eldest grandson of Liem Seeng Tee,
found this car in Malang, a city about 1.5 hours drive from Surabaya.
He bought it back and it has since become a precious collection of his.

Sampoerna’s Founder
Liem Seeng Tee
(second from left)
with his wife and
three daughters,
c. 1942
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