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Sampoerna Theatre

... venues in Surabaya, the theatre was also the setting for the weddings of
Seeng Tee’s two oldest daughters. Over the years the Sampoerna Theatre
hosted a variety of acts, including Chinese acrobatic troupes from Shanghai
and dramatic productions from Beijing and Hong Kong.

A picture of the founder and his key staff taken in front
of the Taman Sampoerna in 1935

The theatre also had a modern projector for the screening of movies with
westerns being the most popular genre in East Java. Charlie Chaplin visited
the theatre in 1932 when he came to Surabaya. The theatre was also used by
the aspiring politician and eventual first President of Indonesia, Bpk. Sukarno
to make a series of speeches in 1938 supporting the Indonesian resistance
movement. The Sampoerna Theatre operated almost continuously until 1961
when the space was needed by the cigarette rolling operation.

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