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Special Arrangements for Group Visitors

Group visitors of 25 people or more
are encouraged to notify us beforehand,
so that proper arrangements can be
made. One week prior notification would
be ideal, even though we can always
honor last minute requests. You may
contact us by regular mail, phone,
fax or e-mail.

Due to the nature of some of the museum exhibits, which might not be suitable
for persons under the age of 18, House of Sampoerna can not grant the request
for visit coming from groups of kindergarten, elementary and high school students
as well as other groups that might include children or any persons under the age
of 18. Children and persons under the age of 18 can only enter the Museum when
supervised by their parents or consenting adults (but not their teachers or group

Groups of university students on company visits may apply for an audience with the
Sampoerna’s management. Sampoerna grants only limited number of audiences in
a month. Advance application, therefore, is recommended. Special application form
should be submitted for this purpose. Please send the application form by regular mail,
fax or e-mail.

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