About HoS

House of Sampoerna

Open to the public since October 9, 2003, House of Sampoerna (HoS) is a Dutch colonial-style heritage building complex built in 1862 and located in the “Old Surabaya” area.

This complex was initially an orphanage for boys managed by the Dutch. In 1932, it was purchased by Liem Seeng Tee then became the first Sampoerna’s production facility.

House of Sampoerna complex consists of a large central auditorium, two smaller buildings in the East and West wings.

These outbuildings were used for tobacco and cloves processing inclusive of blending, rolling, packing, printing up to become finished goods. In 2002, the central auditorium and two smaller buildings in The East and West wings were carefully restored.

The central auditorium currently serves as a Museum, while The East wing has been transformed into a unique building for The Café and Gift Shop and The West wing is currently an exhibition hall of Galeri Paviliun and The Residence.

Vision & Missions


To be regarded as a Leading Museum in Indonesia.

House of Sampoerna has embarked on an extraordinary journey to showcase Sampoerna’s long history and legacy.


  • Actively participate in preserving art, culture and history in regional and national level.
  • Boost museum’s role as tools to communicate the heritage of humanity and developments.
  • Transform into a creative space to develop creativity, become a learning center and a space to exchange ideas.
  • Strengthen House of Sampoerna as one of the top tourist destinations in Indonesia.